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Easy sets to make your own origami lamp

It's a refreshing experience you will love.

Why to make it?

When you make something, you add personality and value you simply cannot buy. Origami lamp made by you is absolutely unique.

Why do people travel? Climb the mountains or dive into the sea? Why do they learn to play the piano? Read books or like walking in the forest?

Some answers are meant to be felt.

It's a good idea!

It's for my daughter, we will do it together.

I wanted to relax.

It boosted my self-confidence.

It made my day.

Every single time I turn the light on, I'm so proud I made it.

I like to explore new things.

I'm simply curious.

I love the lamp because I made it!

I bought it as a gift...
^1000 but I want to make my own, too.

Why not?

I made it. Horray! Amazing.

What is your reason to make something great?

What is your reason to make something great?

Yes, it is easy

We prepared the sets to be easy
so you can make your lamp great

Which lamp is your favorite?

Spring Origami Lamp Kit
Spring Lamp
cute smaller lamp
Spring Origami Lamp Set for Two
Spring for Two
make it together
Blossom Origami Lamp Set
Blossom Lamp
main lamp of the room
Blossom Duocolor Origami Lamp Kit
Blossom Duocolor

The experience of making the lamp by yourself is unforgettable.

Are you ready to make it?

you make it great